Advertising Content Policies

Prohibited Content, Products, and Services

  •  You are not allowed to promote any illegal items and drugs 
  •  You must not promote anything that is dangerous or promotes dangerous behavior.
  • Adverts that contain false promises or showcase irelevant content are strictly prohibited

Landing pages

  • We advise and enforce the use of secure landing pages as a policy roll in
  • Third-party advertisemnet on landing pages must comply with Adneck
  • Landing pages shouldn't have redirects to confuse or mislead users

Qoodly Prohibited Campaign Practices

  • Campaigns must not bleach the law
  • Campaigns must not target children under the age of thirteen
  • You mus endevor to adhere by Qoodly's network 
  • You must not use copyrighted content without the consent of the owner within Adneck's network
  • You must not use any false or misleading practices
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