Adneck API

Adneck Publisher's API

Here is an example code snippet utilizing Adneckjs

.example-class {


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Adneck's API allows apps to interact with Adneck ads Platform. You have the ability to manage your campaigns and ad zones in just one platform. Giving you a great and diverse freedom to utilize Adneck's seemless API.
  • Ad management
  • Ability to generate and invoke codes for zones
  • Ability to create ad Zones
  • Ability to track impressions and clicks for each ad zone
  • Ability to make updates on each ad zone

Benefits of Adneck ads Platform
Adneck ads is a codeless plaform whose API is easy to understand and integrate. Simply copy your ad zone tags and paste them where you wish to display the ads on your website, Your ads will start showing as long as your account has been approved successfully.