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Advertise on targeted websites that already attract your ideal customers
Ad Formats

Ad Formats

We support most Ad formats to help you scale and reach out in just the format you need. Create amazing banner ads and run unlimited campaigns
Drive leads that Matter

Drive leads that Matter

Reach the exact audience that needs you and maximize ROI. Target preffered audience
Control Your Ads

Control Your Ads

Your Ads Dashboard account comes handy with all the tools you need to control your campaigns all in one place and Track Clicks and impressions in time.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Why Adneck ?
The answer is simple. It is quite a challenge sometimes when it comes to running campaigns until you expect a return. We cut this bridge by giving you a subscription that will help you run your campaigns without having to worry about daily payments . These subscriptions are a jackpot for campaigns. You have the chance to try different ad formats and experiments to know what suits you. This is a low fixed budget.
How do I make payments?
We support many payment options and these include;
  • Visa and Master cards 
  • Paypal
  • Payoneer
  • Skrill
  • EFT
  • Bank deposits
  • Mobile Money